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Faces of Family-Faces of Fate
I love these people very much. One is my mom. The others are her remaining siblings. Their beautiful faces tell a story of one generation of family, and the four different directions in ...
left rev 05/09/2015 12 37 - -
I'm only going to write this one
And then I'm going to creep back into I-don't-have-time-to-be-a-regular-commenter-because-I-have-to-put-so-much-thought-into-every-response-due-to-social-anxiety-issues-and-time-to-write-a-diary-...
left rev 11/05/2014 9 17 1 -
I haven't seen him in twenty years....
My husband’s medicines seem to be working, and his tremor is doing much better. As a result, he decided to trim up his beard-not trusting me with a razor, probably wisely so. However, some impulse ...
left rev 01/11/2014 65 164 1 -
ACA anecdote from rural Wisconsin
I'm on my lunch hour, so this will be brief. The smaller of my two churches is in a very small, very rural, very conservative/libertarian community in north west Wisconsin. Since 2008, I have heard ...
left rev 09/26/2013 34 45 - -
Brothers and Sisters-A Spiritual Parvenu
The world has been abuzz this last week over Pope Francis’ bold sermon on the destructive role money plays in the life of the Roman Catholic Church and in the world. Those that pray* are lifting ...
left rev 09/22/2013 25 15 - -
Coming Soon to a Bathroom Near You
Working from the basic biological fact that everyone has to use the bathroom sometime, and the basic philosophical theory that everyone needs something to read while they're in there, the ...
left rev 08/28/2013 7 13 - -
A Black Tux with Periwinkle Blue Tie and Vest
Going through the high school graduation thing with my second daughter has made me think about milestones. I vest a lot of important in milestones. When my first daughter turned 18 and was eligible ...
left rev 04/24/2013 13 43 - -
It is inevitable. It is good natured. Every time I inform my Staff Parish Committee about my vacation plans, someone will joke: “Why do pastor needs vacation? They only work two hours on Sunday.”
left rev 03/27/2013 8 5 - -
Something's Different....
I'm sure I'll figure it out in a moment.... It's so clean and uncluttered around here. Someone must have picked up. Wow, when did Markos attach the turbos to the site? Wait a minute..... That ...
left rev 12/13/2012 18 56 1 -
You'll Be Glad to Know Our Marriage Survived
So, my husband and I were here , just making sure our 22 year, heterosexual marriage could survive the onslaught of equality....
left rev 12/11/2012 8 26 - -
How do I get used to this?
“I hate that we’re getting used to losing young people again.” My head whipped around to stare at the speaker. It was Maggie, a usually cheerful octogenarian who does a daily three mile ...
left rev 09/26/2012 36 220 2 1559
Report of shooting at Family Research Council D.C. Office
This is NOT good.
left rev 08/15/2012 81 18 - 491
Mandatory Abuse Reporting: An Act of Faith
Many professions require one to be a mandatory reporter of suspected child, elder or vulnerable-person abuse, with significant penalties possible if you do NOT follow through on this responsibility. ...
left rev 05/30/2012 42 50 - 347
Silencing the prophets?
Once a quadrenniam, the United Methodist Church from throughout the world sends delegates to General Conference. There, 3,500 Methodists gather to pray about, discuss, and vote on potential changes ...
left rev 05/02/2012 11 6 - 92
Bless the Maybelles
Many of my parishioners are quite elderly. And while they span the gamut of health and activity, most of them are quite mentally sharp and not the least bit shy about sharing their opinion with “...
left rev 03/26/2012 44 81 - 304
"This is the best thing of my life!"; wherein I reconsider Adam Sandler
"This is the best thing of my life!" We're used to hyperbole around these parts, but no need to take this statement with a grain of thought. It is quite sincere and, sadly, probably accurate. ...
left rev 12/28/2011 10 12 - 129
"I can't even pronounce it, and its trying to kill my son"
Dystroglycanopathy Muscular Dystrophy limb girdle with learning disabilties due to POM T 2 mutation. It doesn't have a wiki page, but ...
left rev 12/12/2011 60 137 3 859
Gimme shelter from the storm or #occupy my living room
There she sits. All tipped back in my recliner with her eyes closed, fingers in her ears when the kids argue and fuss or the dog barks. She doesn’t know she’s the 99%. She barely knows what day ...
left rev 11/10/2011 40 81 1 292
Unwanted and Undaunted
Where to begin? I am not a social worker. I am not a counselor. I am not a life skills coach. I am not a teacher. I am a pastor of a small, rural congregation in a high poverty area of Wisconsin ...
left rev 09/10/2011 55 135 2 515
A Letter to My Congregations
This is a letter that I sent to my two, small UMC congregations. I do not know if similar letters are being sent elsewhere, and I make no claim that they should. But this was from my heart... (...
left rev 07/25/2011 13 10 1 94
Love is ALWAYS on Trial
I do truly have other things to express opinions about, but the issues surrounding homosexuality, the United Methodist Church, and the outcome of Rev. Amy DeLong's trial in the Wisconsin Annual ...
left rev 07/04/2011 26 27 - 215
Love is Only Partially Guilty
This will be a quick update from the website concerning Amy DeLong's church trial.
left rev 06/25/2011 7 6 - 55
"Welcome to your new normal"-the diagnosis I've been waiting for
For eight years, I've been aware of it lurking just around the corner. After my youngest child was born, I've known it was only a matter of time. I had the gestational variety, my parents have it, ...
left rev 06/21/2011 19 17 - 175
Love on Trial
Some of you may have heard a little bit about the upcoming United Methodist Church trial of Rev. Amy DeLong. There have been media leaks. I’d like to share some personal thoughts, because Amy is a ...
left rev 06/20/2011 17 6 - 95
I Know Its Silly, but Let’s Play with It
Its not a novel thought, by any means. I’m sure its occurred to nearly everyone who stops for a moment to consider the effects of power. It goes at least as far back as Plato’s musing ...
left rev 05/13/2011 5 4 - 70
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