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Media figures lament decline of British Empire
Quite a nice lady, in fact. Fareed Zakaria, who shouldn't be published anywhere considering ...
brooklynbadboy 05/25/2015 63 69 - -
Hey Clinton Campaign, keep on ignoring Beltway Media
Why even bother? Well, you guys went ahead and did a press avail, and ...
brooklynbadboy 05/20/2015 267 290 1 -
Grayson: 'Golddiggers gotta dig'
Hes got 99 problems but...
brooklynbadboy 05/19/2015 9 3 - -
Anybody want to guess what Texas' solution to biker gang wars will be?
NRA fantasy Texan. Yep. You got it. More Guns .
brooklynbadboy 05/18/2015 43 15 1 -
I'd rather be us than them
There's going to be about a dozen Republican presidential candidates next year, and this is a fortunate development for Democrats. Given the circumstances, normally this would be a favorable time ...
brooklynbadboy 05/17/2015 101 32 1 -
Stop, keep your eyes on Alan Grayson, step back slowly
Rep. Alan ...
brooklynbadboy 05/13/2015 106 39 - -
Billionaires don't like de Blasio, so screw schoolchildren
The New York Times, in piece flowing with condescension for the lower classes, reports that billionaires who once gave charity funds to New York's Fund for Public Schools, have decided they aren't ...
brooklynbadboy 05/12/2015 24 44 1 -
Guess who else is shipping our jobs overseas?
You are. That's right, YOU, the American consumer. Because you just go out and buy gobs and gobs of shit and you don't give a damn if its made here or not. And because you do that, there is ...
brooklynbadboy 05/10/2015 595 321 9 -
Ten things I would do If I were Bernie's campaign manager...
1. He'd be in the South Bronx, rural West Virginia and South Texas and every place like it. On foot. Every single day. Even in red states. NOT in Berkeley or Santa Fe or the Upper West Side. Or any ...
brooklynbadboy 05/03/2015 111 33 - -
Nate Cohn is right: Its really hard to be Barack Obama of 2008
BROOKLYN!!! Let me count the ways. Refute them if you can. 1. Timing. Barack Obama would not have even thought of challenging Hillary Clinton were it not for two extremely fortunate ...
brooklynbadboy 05/02/2015 163 42 1 -
A vapid Jack Shafer schools Hillary Clinton
Jack Shafer has spent his most of his 40 years of adult life as what passes for a journalist these days. Those two facts alone should give you a clear understanding of why he writes for Politico, ...
brooklynbadboy 04/23/2015 23 25 - -
Conservatives really hate America
We had visitors in from the Midwest (Kansas City) this weekend, folks we hadn't seen in many years. This was their first trip to New York and they wanted to do touristy things, which was fine. Now ...
brooklynbadboy 04/20/2015 356 455 4 -
Scoring the Campaigns Week 1
How are the presidential campaigns doing? Hillary Clinton: C+
brooklynbadboy 04/18/2015 17 12 - -
Im really happy Ben Carson will announce for president
May 4th, this man will make Democrats smile. May 4th will be the day that this Democrat raises toast to Ben Carson, certified batshit crazy nutjob, as ...
brooklynbadboy 04/13/2015 54 44 - -
Who will be Bill Bradley this cycle?
I have a very simple theory, which I will quote here to save time: Chances are were going to lose. (3+ / 0-) Even with the bestest most progressivey campaign ever. It is going to be difficult to ...
brooklynbadboy 04/10/2015 44 8 - -
WaPo poll has Clinton at 66% and O'Malley at 1%
New WaPo ABC news poll has Hillary Clinton in an absolutely dominant position among Democrats. My take: If you lump in the Warren ...
brooklynbadboy 04/02/2015 119 15 - -
Populists didn't leave the Dems, bible thumpers, bigots and gun nuts did
The big problem with 'populists, ' which in the context of this diary means white guys, leaving the Democratic Party has absolutely nothing to do with cozying up to Wall Street. Or neo-liberal ...
brooklynbadboy 04/01/2015 757 251 3 -
Elizabeth Warren for Democratic Leader!
Go for it! I say she should ...
brooklynbadboy 03/27/2015 279 230 4 -
Boston Globe's insulting Warren non-endorsement
Here is the crux of the Boston Globe's argument for why Elizabeth Warren should run for president: She should not shrink from the chance to set the course for the Democratic Party or cede that task ...
brooklynbadboy 03/22/2015 70 44 - -
eGhazi: Why we need a well run Clinton Campaign
We've got to do better than this, folks. I think Armando raises ...
brooklynbadboy 03/11/2015 66 14 - -
Affluent suburb locks up garbage man for waking them up
Think there is a class war? There is. Guess who is winning : SANDY SPRINGS, Ga. — A sanitation worker says he was thrown in jail for picking up trash too early in the morning. The city of Sandy ...
brooklynbadboy 03/10/2015 537 320 3 -
Praise for Bill de Blasio for mayoring 101
Mayor Bill de Blasio Capping off his first complete Winter as Mayor, I must offer praise for this years street clearing after a very difficult season. Here in Bed-Stuy we were used to getting the ...
brooklynbadboy 03/09/2015 6 23 - -
Hillary Clinton poll: hawk, dove or something else?
Hawk or Dove? I'm ...
brooklynbadboy 03/09/2015 93 8 - -
Pentagon report on Israel's nuclear weapons ordered released
Israel is widely believed to have its own nuclear weapons program, but has an official policy of neither confirming or denying it. It also has a an official policy of aggressive action to ensure ...
brooklynbadboy 02/25/2015 138 208 3 -
How the Dems can bring down Boehner!
Hobbled coming out of a leadership challenge, Boehner is knuckling under to his crazy base in shutting down the Homeland Security Department. Simultaneously, he admits to conducting negotiations ...
brooklynbadboy 02/16/2015 150 417 8 -
Out of touch East Coast Clinton Campaign misses target
You want a response to your trial balloon? Here it is. Well, this ...
brooklynbadboy 02/08/2015 438 213 1 -
Hey Hillary, what about The Bronx?!
Little Italy in the Bronx, Arthur Avenue If reporting by NBC is true, the rapidly gathering Hillary Clinton ...
brooklynbadboy 02/03/2015 42 18 - -
An open letter to the guys who work for the guys who run the world
So basically, you folks know who you are. You're the various executives, lawyers, consultants, publicists, interior decorators, and various other college educated professionals who flock around the ...
brooklynbadboy 01/27/2015 26 46 1 -
Will Shel Silver turn states?
NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver That's the question that is buzzing on the lips of every Albany pol, and even a few in Washington. Because if there is anybody who has dirt on just about everybody,
brooklynbadboy 01/22/2015 25 15 - -
So the NYPD stopped working and nobody noticed
Now that's a ...
brooklynbadboy 01/06/2015 453 617 6 -
Why blame Obama? Makes no sense.
Of course he's going to sign it. What else would he do? These provisions are either going to happen now or next year anyway. Obama certainly doesn't care one way or the other. GOP Congress and a ...
brooklynbadboy 12/12/2014 116 14 - -
Read this Democrat get it completely wrong
A nice guy, I'm sure. The new GOP lawmakers will also be running for reelection as a potentially divisive Republican presidential ...
brooklynbadboy 12/01/2014 104 115 - -
Cynicism and Ferguson
These days, its simpler to just shoot to kill. An unfortunate tragedy. Outrage. Please protest peacefully. Department of Justice reviews. Federal consent decrees. Firings. Community policing. ...
brooklynbadboy 11/28/2014 20 18 - -
Dems do populism on the cheap
I want you all to take a look at the minimum wage. This was supposed to be a populist issue that would drive Democrats to the polls. Last year all manner of strategies were crafted in Washington ...
brooklynbadboy 11/12/2014 28 27 - -
McConnell endorses Rand Paul for president
Six more years of this fuckin ...
brooklynbadboy 11/07/2014 28 11 - -
Who needs the White House?!
One Republican victory in the midterm elections has been mostly overlooked. Yes, Republicans took control of the Senate and a surprising number of governorships. But they also won a record number ...
brooklynbadboy 11/07/2014 303 165 4 -
Dems' issues need a reboot
This talks. I think we can dispense with 'war on women' and 'minimum wage.' That was front and center by design and it was an abysmal failure. So stop it. I've been saying for a long time that ...
brooklynbadboy 11/05/2014 41 6 - -
The quote of the year
These policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them. President Obama wins elections, his policies don't.
brooklynbadboy 11/04/2014 9 2 - -
Kaci Hickox ought to go bowling.
Hellooooo hero nurse! And to the mall. And to church. And to the post office. And to dinner. And any goddamn place she chooses to go and lets see who will refuse her service. Lets see how many ...
brooklynbadboy 10/30/2014 46 22 - -
Hooray! DSCC goes back into Kentucky!
Good job ...
brooklynbadboy 10/22/2014 50 68 2 -
KY-SEN: McConnell books $3.5M in air, Grimes $1.5M
Wouldn't you give anything to get rid of this guy? Read this if you understand math: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is on track to vastly outspend his ...
brooklynbadboy 10/22/2014 19 17 - -
KY-SEN: Mistake for DSCC to pull plug on Grimes
It aint over yet, Mitch. This was going to be a tough race in any circumstance. I think I've thoroughly explained my expectations that McConnell would win due to the Grimes Campaign's refusal to ...
brooklynbadboy 10/15/2014 272 132 1 -
Will someone tell me WTF our mission is this time?
Iraqi Army demonstrates their fighting position. Ok. Sigh. I understand that the difference between the last ridiculous war in the Middle East ...
brooklynbadboy 10/13/2014 173 82 1 -
Pentagon says air strikes wont save Kobani
ISIS flag being paraded... In Libya. Aint bombing wonderful? Consensus is pretty complete that air strikes against ISIS are of "limited effectiveness" against ISIS and its assult on the Syrian ...
brooklynbadboy 10/08/2014 179 39 - -
As ISIS gains more ground despite bombing, GOP calls for US ground forces grow
"What could possibly go wrong, Mr. President?! Go for it!" So, how's our latest splendid ...
brooklynbadboy 10/06/2014 107 26 - -
US ended slavery 'voluntarily' = America Awesome!!!
Pam Mazanec (R), member of the Colorado State School Board Oh yeah baby, thats the stuff : She then wrote that her concern for the course "is an overly negative view of our history ...
brooklynbadboy 10/03/2014 274 317 2 -
How to catch a cab in Brooklyn
Typical cabs in Brooklyn. Great conversation about Uber today here at 'work.' Putting aside the issues of how they treat their workers and avoid proper regulation and taxes, the conversation here ...
brooklynbadboy 10/01/2014 36 18 - -
Excellent news from Syria
Because ... why not? What could go wrong?!
brooklynbadboy 09/30/2014 260 65 1 -
Remember before the Iraq War? Remember that?
Remember when there were just a few liberals on the left saying "Umm.... I dont think we should do this." Remember how Republicans said Democrats hated America and loved terrorists? Remember how ...
brooklynbadboy 09/26/2014 322 138 1 -
Libyan activist says its worse than under Qaddafi
Tawfik Bensaud "People are starting to whisper again when they talk about politics or discuss the situation in Libya." That was how it was under Qaddafi. But back then, an activist from Benghazi ...
brooklynbadboy 09/25/2014 54 16 - -
What a doofus Chuck Todd is
NBC political doofus at work TPM informs that Chuck Todd, who constitutes and performs NBC ...
brooklynbadboy 09/22/2014 339 297 4 -
Ubering War
Yesterday, Kagro X speaking on Daily Kos Radio brought to my attention the app. This is, yet another, misapplication of software engineering talent towards something that was perfectly ...
brooklynbadboy 09/11/2014 7 6 - -
NYC: Where Teachout won and where she lost
Combing through the unofficial results published by the New York City Board of Elections offers some interesting lessons for future primary challenges. In summary, Governor 1% Andrew Cuomo won in ...
brooklynbadboy 09/10/2014 238 118 - -
The very rich are angry at the extremely rich
So hard to find parking these days! In a shocking display of just how putrid and vile this nation's elite class has become, the mere ostentatiously rich are fighting a yeoman's struggle ...
brooklynbadboy 08/31/2014 552 365 7 -
'Affluenza' dad impersonates cop
Fred Crouch, old rich white guy. That kid kos wrote about who killed four people after committing a series of ...
brooklynbadboy 08/21/2014 100 164 1 -
See, race....its a truth stranger than fiction
Seriously humans? I've been pretty quiet about Ferguson, MO. Didn't see much point in writing anything cynical, despite all my thoughts about the whole thing being very much so. I thouht it best to ...
brooklynbadboy 08/16/2014 54 57 - -
Clinton fumble is troubling sign for 2016
Ready for losing...again? Hillary ...
brooklynbadboy 08/13/2014 430 157 3 -
Hey de Blasio, this is simple:
YOU are the boss of the police, got that? You dont need the 'support' of the police. They need to show you obedience. You need to show the police who is boss. They are there to obey your commands. ...
brooklynbadboy 08/07/2014 73 124 2 -
Mary Burke campaign uses the heavy artillery
This is how I like to see Democrats campaign: Tough, hard, and spot on accurate. Well done.
brooklynbadboy 08/06/2014 33 41 1 -
Federal prosecutor issues sharp threat to Gov. Cuomo
Uh oh. Its getting serious. The office of the United States Attorney in Manhattan Preet Bahrara is issuing a stern warning to Governor Cuomo and all his cronies that a wide ranging criminal ...
brooklynbadboy 07/31/2014 62 160 2 -
Not Warren, but a challenger would be good
For President. Why not?! ...
brooklynbadboy 07/24/2014 87 11 1 -
Make sure the new NYC ID card is sexy!
Mayor de Blasio signs municipal ID bill. I'm very pleased that Mayor De Blasio has signed in to law a bill creating a New York resident ID card. The goal of the ID is to provide a ...
brooklynbadboy 07/11/2014 8 9 - -
2014 GOP culture wars play right into our hands
Its the Cliven Bundy Party vs. the Democrats.
brooklynbadboy 07/09/2014 221 253 2 -
If Hobby Lobby, why not ExxonMobil?
If corporations are people, and have free speech rights and now religious freedom, how can the Supreme Court discriminate between a 'closely held' company and a publicly traded multinational? The ...
brooklynbadboy 07/03/2014 27 15 - -
Ingraham calls for mass deportation and end to birthright citizenship
'Don't come here. Furthermore, get out.' Lets get down to the honest GOP position on immigration: OK, first thing you do ...
brooklynbadboy 07/03/2014 42 24 1 -
TPM notices the black voters in Mississippi
Thad Cochran and a swing voter? Thank god for TPM, because they are ...
brooklynbadboy 06/27/2014 37 93 1 -
MS NAACP tells Cochran to 'show some reciprocity'
We know why this man is smiling. Looks like folks got wise to the game: In an interview with ...
brooklynbadboy 06/26/2014 23 43 1 -
Corporations taking out life insurance on their employees
Rest in peace, Bob! We will miss you around here! - CEO Yesterday in the Times Dealbook, an interesting profit stream , pushed by Wall Street, involves a new kind ...
brooklynbadboy 06/23/2014 37 29 2 -
Schweitzer's 60-70% 'gaydar' locates Cantor
So called candidate for the Democrats. Ummmm, yeah : "Don't hold this against me, but I'm going to blurt it out. How do I say this ... men in ...
brooklynbadboy 06/19/2014 410 158 2 -
'Populist' Schweitzer courts Romney's donors?
Paid GOP spoiler? So, Schweitzer has been making a lot of noise about a populist challenge to Hillary Clinton, saying she's too close to Wall Street. ...
brooklynbadboy 06/15/2014 136 75 1 -
A couple of 2016 fundamentals and thinking things through
Here are some things I keep on my mind as we appear to be already gearing up for a presidential campaign war: 1. Its the end of an 8 year Democratic White House. The cyclical nature of modern ...
brooklynbadboy 06/15/2014 133 30 1 -
President Obama: 'We should be ashamed.'
"My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage," he said ...
brooklynbadboy 06/10/2014 232 314 3 -
Guns at the ballot box ... what could possibly go wrong?
Guns everywhere does mean everywhere : Montgomery, Alabama officials have mere weeks to sort out whether gun-toting voters should be allowed in polling places under a new state law. Differing ...
brooklynbadboy 06/10/2014 136 191 4 -
Getting right down to the pure essence of the gun movement
The opposite of progress. Wonderful little quote in the Dallas Morning News about the latest iteration of gun freakdom: ...
brooklynbadboy 06/08/2014 448 433 7 -
I love lamp.
I love lamp.
brooklynbadboy 05/31/2014 13 10 - -
Why de Blasio helped Cuomo with the WFP
It is simple: Cuomo is going to win, the WFP had less leverage than it beleives, and this is a battle that has no victory scenario for Progressive Democrats and Liberals. I totally get why folks are ...
brooklynbadboy 05/31/2014 43 21 - -
Top 1% quote of the day: 'money doesn't buy happiness, try poverty'
Billionaire Ken Langone In a top one percent puff ...
brooklynbadboy 05/27/2014 31 24 1 -
"I'm used to massacres. Whatevs."
That's a direct quote from a 14 year old family member this Memorial Day. Needless to say, we adults were shocked at the callousness displayed by my cousin's son. But in reality, we adults are to ...
brooklynbadboy 05/26/2014 167 215 2 -
Pelosi appoints Dems to Bullghazi kangaroo court
Ensuring that the Benghazi Committee will get far better television ratings than it deserves, Nancy Pelosi has bought in : House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) on Wednesday named 5 ...
brooklynbadboy 05/21/2014 49 22 - -
Hey Alison Grimes bout some offense?
Hit him hard, don't hold back. The Fruit of the Loom plant in Jamestown is closing , 600 jobs lost, Mitch McConnell did nothing. ...
brooklynbadboy 05/20/2014 54 105 1 -
Elizabeth Warren's big opportunity in 2016
There's no term limit on ...
brooklynbadboy 05/16/2014 433 246 4 -
Washington media begins to notice Big Data's lack of regulation
As usual, Daily Kos was on to this story a year before it got the notice of the Washington media. Still, imagine my surprise to find ...
brooklynbadboy 05/14/2014 102 96 2 -
Democrats fight back during Benghazi hearings
From Politco: Democrats serving on the Benghazi Committee made a lot of noise in todays hearing over the issuing of a subpoena to parade the dead bodies of the four Americans who died in the ...
brooklynbadboy 05/10/2014 32 25 1 -
Warren blasts Bullghazi kangaroo court
Staying focused 101. Hey Dems, this is how its done: Warren also said that the whole Benghazi special committee is just "political theater ...
brooklynbadboy 05/09/2014 220 334 3 -
Watch Democrats blow 2014 over Bullghazi
Republicans could care less about the four Americans who died at Benghazi. Republicans have made a sport out of getting Americans killed overseas for years, competing over who can run up the death ...
brooklynbadboy 05/09/2014 301 310 2 -
Mr. Clinton, I dont want 90s nostalgia in 2016
To: President Big Dog Re: Georgetown speech Dear Sir, I don't know why you feel the need to go out and defend your economic policies , unless you are insecure about what you did. ...
brooklynbadboy 05/01/2014 353 199 4 -
Gun nuts angry over proposed exploding target restrictions
An example of gun freak fun with Tannerite. Friend of gun nut stops by for a visit. Nutcase says 'hey watch this...this is fun!' Friend pulls out cell phone to record the insanity. Nutcase puts ...
brooklynbadboy 04/30/2014 134 28 - -
Final Bundy: The epilogue
Cliven Bundy, Registered Republican.
brooklynbadboy 04/25/2014 191 415 3 -
Ta-Nehisi Coates is not surprised
And neither is any ...
brooklynbadboy 04/24/2014 168 379 6 -
NYT realizes swing voters are a myth
Lets hope the national punditry gets the hint as well. As has been pointed out on these pages for years now, the myth of the the 'swing voter' is just that, a myth. There are so few of ...
brooklynbadboy 04/22/2014 293 264 8 -
Politico, Tal Kopan, and what's wrong with American political journalism
If anyone needs to hear another example of just ...
brooklynbadboy 04/15/2014 96 116 - -
Huckabee says North Korea has more freedom than America
The quote : I'm beginning to think theres more freedom in North korea sometimes than there is in the United ...
brooklynbadboy 04/13/2014 159 183 2 -
Hey, GOP: 'Repeal and replace' won't work either
Some Republicans think that what the American people want is ...
brooklynbadboy 04/04/2014 46 59 - 3
'The debate over ObamaCare is over' message!
Everyone needs to take note of the President of United States, stating the obvious message that yours truly advocated for all Democrats this season: I’ve said before, I will always work with ...
brooklynbadboy 04/01/2014 56 145 2 -
Farmers call for ownership of their private farm data
At the national convention of the American Farm Bureau, a very conservative bunch, farmers are beginning to push back against Big Data by asserting that the data gathered from their farms is theirs ,
brooklynbadboy 03/31/2014 12 26 1 -
ACLU writes fantastic piece on privacy rights
I've been up on my hobby horse again about the unregulated world of Big Data and how this is a far greater threat to privacy than anything the NSA is doing. That is for those of us who understand ...
brooklynbadboy 03/25/2014 14 26 2 -
Hey pundits, Obamacare is the law
I've seen so much ignorant punditry this election cycle, it is difficult to even read posts by publications I respect and read every day. Since Republicans have decided their main issue this ...
brooklynbadboy 03/13/2014 65 65 1 -
Obama's foreign policy doctrine and why it makes sense
brooklynbadboy 03/09/2014 276 73 4 3
I know why the GOP loves Putin
Gay? Nyet! ...
brooklynbadboy 03/08/2014 34 16 - -
Palin: 'Putin wrestles bears!'
The GOP chicken hawks are continuing to heap praise on Vladimir Putin because of his willingness to invade other countries at will. Because you know, that's how you prove how tough and ...
brooklynbadboy 03/04/2014 216 103 1 -
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