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A Dirty, Rotten Break: Syria
"I just got this memo from the Secretary of Defense’s office. It says we’re going to attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years – we’re going to start with Iraq, and ...
Rusty Pipes 01/28/2013 4 12 2 -
Thank You, 60 Minutes!
Last Sunday, 60 Minutes ran a segment entitled "Christians of the Holy Land," with Bob Simon, shedding light on the struggles of Palestinian Christians living under Israel's occupation. In the ...
Rusty Pipes 04/26/2012 11 22 - 258
Double Jeopardy
Countries, for $200. And the answer is:
Rusty Pipes 02/07/2012 2 - - 44
UPDATE: Mondo Awards Roll-out Begins!
Phil Weiss and Annie [ write]: Half a score and two days ago Annie announced the Mondo Awards ...
Rusty Pipes 12/30/2010 100 10 - 55
Pacific Progressive I/P Panels: Seattle, Hawai'i and Bay Area Sabeel Conferences
In coming weeks, many Pacific Coast Progressive Christians will gather to contemplate what justice requires of US in Israel and Palestine. Friends of Sabeel North America (FOSNA) is hosting ...
Rusty Pipes 02/19/2010 105 20 1 45
Mar Elias School Update
Over the weekend, I [ posted a diary] about the teachers at a Mar Elias related school being unpaid by the ...
Rusty Pipes 11/03/2009 2 10 - 36
Israeli Arab School Teachers Unpaid
Elias Chacour has faced many obstacles over the years in his efforts to create opportunities for Jewish, Christian and Muslim children to grow and learn together equally and peacefully in Israel. In ...
Rusty Pipes 10/31/2009 194 24 - 33
Ethnic Cleansing in the South Hebron Hills
Christian Peacemaker Teams is an international organization which supports teams of peace workers in conflict areas around the world. These teams work to lower the levels of violence through ...
Rusty Pipes 10/14/2009 197 24 - 29
Time to Embrace BDS
"From 1972 through 1999, James M. Wall served as editor and publisher of The Christian Century magazine. Since 1999, he has served as the Century's Senior Contributing Editor. Since 1973 Wall ...
Rusty Pipes 08/27/2009 64 10 1 15
Tea, Bread, Sheep and a Donkey
Members of Christian Peacemaker Teams in Palestine live and work alongside the people of Hebron and the South Hebron hills, trying to prevent abuse of Palestinian civilians by their non-violent ...
Rusty Pipes 11/20/2008 62 3 - 10
Pro-Downs, Pro-Choice Democrat
Several years ago, when I was very far along in my pregnancy, I was presented with a choice: I could carry the pregnancy through to term or I could abort the fetus. I had just found out that the ...
Rusty Pipes 09/03/2008 21 33 1 16
Israeli Settlers Pursue Palestinian School Children
Palestinian Children encounter many obstacles to their education: harrassment and violence from settlers, impediments, such as roadblocks and checkpoints and in some cases, damage or closure of ...
Rusty Pipes 07/24/2008 47 20 1 30
Drought in South Hebron Hills worsened by Israeli occupation
The West Bank is facing a severe drought this summer, made even worse by the long-standing control and abuse of water-resources by the Israeli Government. According ...
Rusty Pipes 07/23/2008 142 10 - 1
The Whole World Watching? CUT!!!: Blocking Journalists and Filmmakers from Palestine
A couple of recent petitions highlight the means by which the Government of Israel is impeding the outside world from seeing the realities inside the Palestinian Occupied Territories. In recent ...
Rusty Pipes 07/15/2008 17 9 - -
Hebron's "Sterile Zone": Martial Law Tightening
The Israeli Military has recently taken further measures to reduce the safety and access of Palestinians to the Old City in Hebron by forbidding members of Christian Peacemaker Teams and Israeli ...
Rusty Pipes 07/09/2008 12 9 1 3
IDF fatally shoots Palestinian youth in Beit Ummar
Five months after the incidents in Beit Ummar subsequent to the death of the Sabarna cousins (diaried [ here] and [
Rusty Pipes 07/01/2008 25 11 - 8
[UPDATE]"The Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine:" The Tenth through Fourteenth Stations
The Challenge of Peacemaking "Nonviolent resistance to tyrants, oppressors and brutal invaders is not for fools or cowards. It demands courage and daring of the highest order. It ...
Rusty Pipes 03/21/2008 40 7 1 1
"The Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine:" The Seventh through Ninth Stations
One of the tenets of Liberation Theology is that Christ suffers along with the oppressed. The verse from the Spiritual "Nobody knows the trouble I seen, nobody knows like Jesus" resonates not only ...
Rusty Pipes 03/20/2008 8 3 1 2
"The Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine:" The Fourth through Sixth Stations
One of the tenets of Liberation Theology is that Christ suffers along with the oppressed. The verse from the Spiritual "Nobody knows the trouble I seen, nobody knows like Jesus" resonates not only ...
Rusty Pipes 03/19/2008 13 8 - 2
"The Way of the Cross in Occupied Palestine": The First Three Stations
One of the tenets of Liberation Theology is that Christ suffers along with the oppressed. The verse from the Spiritual "Nobody knows the trouble I seen, nobody knows like Jesus" resonates not only ...
Rusty Pipes 03/18/2008 13 7 1 2
Tragedy in Beit Ummar
As I reported in a previous diary, on Wednesday, February 13, the town of Beit Ummar was put under curfew and was declared a closed military zone. Some tragic events had occured in Beit Ummar a ...
Rusty Pipes 02/16/2008 11 10 - 11
Curfew for Beit Ummar
[ Christian Peacemaker Teams] sent out these releases yesterday about events in Beit Ummar, a town located between Bethlehem and Hebron with Christian and Muslim ...
Rusty Pipes 02/14/2008 8 5 - 10
Holiday Book List
At this time of year, my mother-in-law usually asks for a wish list from my family. I can come up with items for my children easily enough. But often I'm hard pressed to come up with items I ...
Rusty Pipes 12/11/2007 21 3 - -
Smearing Sabeel -- One Conference at a Time
I was running a little late on the second day of the Berkeley Sabeel conference several weeks ago. It had taken me a little longer to find a parking spot than I had anticipated, so I was ...
Rusty Pipes 10/26/2007 8 7 - 21
Dustspeck to Gore: We are Here
Al? we are here. (I'll try again) ahem. We Are Here! (Okay, once again, with feeling): WE ARE HERE!!! (Darn, I have to track down that kid who yells,"Bop!")
Rusty Pipes 10/19/2007 8 4 - 1
Arc of Crisis: Were you there?
“The Arc of Crisis: U.S. Policy in the Middle East and South Asia”, a Middle East panel at Yearly Kos, has gotten some mention in the blogosphere in the past couple of weeks. In the ...
Rusty Pipes 08/17/2007 10 8 1 2
Senators for 2-state Solution (SR 224)
In the past several weeks, both houses of Congress have been considering resolutions marking the 40th anniversary of Israel’s 6-Day war. Last month, the House passed [
Rusty Pipes 07/11/2007 33 12 - 11
"Pariah State: Meeting with Palestinian Prime Minister Isma'il Haniyeh"
Once again, the Israeli government is asserting that Palestinian politicians are [ legitimate targets] for arrest and assassination: ...
Rusty Pipes 05/24/2007 47 9 - 5
Making MetaMoses Moan
You were expecting [ MetaJesus] perhaps? While, according to Hunter, MetaJesus is the "personal MetaSavior of MetaDiaries on MetaKos", MetaMoses ...
Rusty Pipes 05/22/2007 30 9 1 20
Evenhanded Democrats
Governor Howard Dean made headlines in the run-up to the Presidential primaries a few years ago when he said that he believed that the United States should have [
Rusty Pipes 01/24/2007 59 14 - 17
CA -Gov: Whatever happened to Grandma Millie?
Rusty Pipes 11/06/2006 11 7 - 5
Forgoing a Kick Ass Event
Rusty Pipes 02/11/2006 4 - - -
Ban My Wife, Please (POLL)
Rusty Pipes 02/04/2006 17 9 1 8
The Face dKos Visitors See(Poll)
Rusty Pipes 11/14/2005 26 2 - -
Kos on Keillor (POLL)
Rusty Pipes 09/15/2005 21 2 - 11
What would you ask Angelides?
Rusty Pipes 06/24/2005 4 - - -
Take it down? (PIE POLL)
Rusty Pipes 06/07/2005 109 3 - -
A New Improved Crusade (Cartoon)
Rusty Pipes 03/21/2005 4 - - 7
Alternative to "Thanks Hollywood" Billboard?
Rusty Pipes 02/14/2005 17 - - -
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