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DK Elections Policy Weekly Open Thread: What Issues Are You Interested In?
/Dr. Dre - "Forgot About Dre" - 1999/ Welcome to the weekly open thread for policy discussions by DK Elections regulars. While the main Daily Kos Elections blog, an official subsite of Daily Kos,
DK Elections Policy 05/04/2015 3
Scotland Rising: If you think the Republican wave in 2010 was big...
The polls open UK wide in one week. But the most interesting part of the election is happening in Scotland. Here's a map of Scotland in 2010 along with the most recent Polling projections for ...
OllieGarkey 04/30/2015 359
2014 Election results called into question by findings of electronic voting machine security experts
As Jeremy Epstein notes on his Freedom to Tinker blog , in great detail: "If your States election was held in 2014 using the AVS WinVote touchscreen Direct Recording Electronic (DRE) voting machine,
windsong01 04/29/2015 291

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