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On This Day, 100 Years Ago. . .
I can't believe I've almost let this day go by without making some remarks regarding it. After all, it the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the Great War back in '64 that piqued what was then a ...
Dave925 06/28/2014 2 4 - -
This, Y'all Have to See
There was always a fringe in this country who believed this shit but with it being codified into a massive propaganda and disinfo campaign over a 40 year period utilizing the fortunes of known ...
Dave925 11/05/2013 50 20 1 -
Hateful "Divide and Conquer" Wingnut Email Debunked
You know the emails I'm talking about, the ones that claim the President is everything from a Maoist Mau Mau to a Commie Abortionist or those that breathlessly expose some *gasp* horrible Democratic ...
Dave925 10/13/2012 14 20 - -
On Haditha, Massacres, and the Mythologies of American Arms
In a diary posted yesterday regarding the massacre of 24 innocents in the Iraqi town of Haditha, the diarist made an error common to those not familiar with Military nomenclature. I don't mean to ...
Dave925 01/25/2012 17 6 - 72
On the Occasion of My 8th Year on DKos
I was just foolin' around in my profile when I noticed I had originally joined on December 12th, 2004. Actually, I had joined a year earlier but was sidetracked starting a new business and by the ...
Dave925 12/12/2011 12 18 - 118
Care to Help Out my Ex-Right Winger Nephew?
Once targeted and taken into the fold by the Goopers as a future apparatchik of the far right, I'll take some of the credit for turning my nephew, Chris, away from that sorry fate. Over the past 10 ...
Dave925 06/28/2011 5 14 - 206
This is what should happen to BP
I'm no lawyer, I'm just a middle-aged liberal who has watched these past 50 years as my country went from being secretly manipulated by big money to having it compromised right out in the open and ...
Dave925 05/27/2010 14 21 2 241
The Irony of Torture
The infamous Korean War Chi-Coms and their "brainwashing" techiques are revealed to be once more, one of the authoritarian playbooks of the GOP. The 3 hour hates conducted by the Cystboy and Hannity ...
Dave925 04/27/2009 9 5 2 5
It Wasn't "Conservatism" it was Bush!
Backlash Against Bush Apparent in RNC With six candidates competing for the party's ...
Dave925 01/28/2009 21 5 - 11
Consortium News NEEDS YOUR HELP
Pulitzer Prize nominated author Robert Parry left the TM years ago when it became apparent the TM had no interest in upholding any of the values of REAL Journalism. He started his own investigative ...
Dave925 12/29/2008 6 9 1 16
It Had To Be Said
45 years ago today, the naked Fascist era of American Ruling Class Depedations began. I know we say it every year, but it does seem like yesterday and at the same time, another time and place ...
Dave925 11/22/2008 10 5 1 4
Where Were You 40 Years Ago Today?
I had gone to bed right as the state was called for RFK, it was late to be up for a 14 year old high school Freshman so I didn't see anything that had happened afterwards. It was a big night for me, ...
Dave925 06/05/2008 92 24 1 36
Monkey Mail Obama Smear Job
The first of what promises to be many more monkey mail smear jobs on Obama in my inbox and from of all people, a Thai client of mine. I'm half way tempted to post up the 100 or so unhidden email ...
Dave925 01/05/2008 26 3 1 3
ACTION ALERT 24 Hours to Stop The FCC
I did a search and didn't find this diaried yet. Call Your Senators!
Dave925 12/17/2007 5 7 - 2
"Because the President's my friend."
Bill Moyers: My Father and FDR By Bill Moyers, . Posted November 22, 2007. Note: Bill Moyers gave the following remarks at ...
Dave925 11/22/2007 13 29 2 149
The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. . .
89 years ago a great tragedy came whimpering to a close, and though guns fired and men died right up to that moment for a war that had effectively been won back in September, the guns along the ...
Dave925 11/11/2007 20 26 - 143
What Democrats Really Need to be Running Against
Looking at how the Fred Thompson candidacy is unfolding and all the Rovians flocking to it I can see it now- the second coming of St Ronnie as a DC outsider, and looking at the current Dem filed (...
Dave925 06/04/2007 12 6 2 -
Iranian Devils!
Umm Maybe not. From an Iranian friend, a little historical accuracy, or at least the other side of the story- the individual, Cyrus Kar, making this film was held in Abu Ghraib. He is an Iranian-...
Dave925 03/30/2007 3 6 - 11
48 Years Ago Today
The music died. A long, long time ago... I can still remember how That music used to make me smile. And I knew if I had my chance, That I could make those people dance, And maybe they'd be ...
Dave925 02/03/2007 18 19 1 6
No More Bush 1 Retreads!
Dave925 11/08/2006 23 5 - 1
Bachelor Foley
Dave925 10/07/2006 3 - - 3
What Dems SHOULD Say about Immigration
Dave925 07/12/2006 48 5 2 9
Everyone knows Government Doesn't Work!
Dave925 07/10/2006 11 5 - 16
Big Daddy Conservatives
Dave925 06/29/2006 6 2 - 11
Doing my bit with Monkeymail
Dave925 06/19/2006 10 10 - 2
The Boogeyman and the Straussian Elite
Dave925 06/13/2006 44 6 - 10
Take Back OUR Language
Dave925 01/07/2006 22 6 - 1
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