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Congratulations, America!

NOTE TO OUR DOWN-TICKET DIARISTS: Election Diary Rescue will continue to compile down-ticket diaries until noon on Friday of this week. This means we'd love to see and enter into the database all diaries about the great races you've been covering so faithfully this campaign season, telling us all how those turned out. Thanks for all you've been doing, and best of luck to all your candidates!

Samples of Today's 59 Diary Collection:

[HI-Sen] Hawaii - Bad News/Good News by hobie1616 - Turnout was so strong that several polling places temporarily ran out of paper ballots.

[CA-36] CA-36 Ruiz Flips Bono Mack by BlueBeaumontBoyz - With 100% of precincts reporting, Dr. Raul Ruiz (D) bested Mary Bono Mack (R), flipping a seat to the Democrats.

[MN-Amendments] Another important election result in Minnesota by vome minnesota - The good news is that Minnesota has at least two years' respite from another attempt at constitutionally sanctioned voter suppression and discrimination.

Today's EDR covers rescued down-ticket election diaries published between noon on November 6th till noon on November 7th. This edition of Election Diary Rescue includes the following gems dug up by our miners.

Diaries: (59)
Senate: (8) posts, (5) states plus various
House: (13) posts, (8) states, (11) districts
State: (5)
Ballot Initiatives: (3)
Various: (7)
General: (23)

More diaries and information about this project beneath the
Orange Squiggle of Down-Ticket Power

EDR compiles, describes and links election related diaries for down-ticket races through the closing months of election seasons. Down-ticket means any non-Presidential race.

This group was formed by the producers of a front page diary series that rescued election related diaries in 2006, 2008 and 2010. 2012 marks the first election since Daily Kos was born that there is blog devoted to election coverage - Daily Kos Elections.
Election Diary Rescue is proud to be a part of this project.

EDR chronicles the passion, power and effectiveness of political engagement and shines a light on candidates and issues that might be missed during an action-packed election cycle. It gives quick access to races, hopefully inspires people to write about contests that interest them, and has become an archive for thousands of election related diaries over the years.
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for this project, founded by sidinny, links all the rescued diaries since 2006.

Format, Tag, Schedule

Diarists can help the EDR mining team by identifying the race in the diary title, for example: (FL-14) or (GA-Gov) or (NY-Sen). Using the "Elections" tag is also helpful. New this year, you can write your first sentence or two as the synopsis you would like to see in the EDR description.

EDR's schedule for mining diaries is noon to noon. Our publishing schedule is in the evening. That means for example if you post your diary at 12:00 pm (noon) on Wednesday, we will include it in the EDR list in Thursday evening's post. If you publish your diary at 11:59 am on Thursday, it will be in the diary collection for Thursday evening as well.


[HI-Sen] Hawaii - Bad News/Good News by hobie1616 - Turnout was so strong that several polling places temporarily ran out of paper ballots.

[MA-Sen] Elizabeth Warren Elected. History is made for Women. Teddy Kennedy is smiling today. by 51percent - What the emotional roller coaster in Massachusetts was like on election night. Even better, Teddy Kennedy's grand-nephew Joe Kennedy won his bid for a seat in the House from Massachusetts' 4th congressional district.

[MA-Sen] ELIZABETH WARREN WINS! by eXtina - Diarist has a post up on Elizabeth Warren’s (D) win in the Massachusetts senate race with Scott Brown (R).

[ND-Sen] Heidi Heitkamp--ND Senate Race by dokiy - Heidi currently holds a 2,994 vote lead over Republican Rick Berg. The Berg campaign said they will wait until the canvassing on Friday before conceding, but the fact is that Heidi has won.

[OH-Sen] New Poll: Ohio Union Members Energized to Re-elect President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown by Richard Trumka - An election eve poll taken among AFL-CIO union voters in Ohio shows that Ohio working families strongly support President Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown.

[WI-Sen] WI elects Tammy Baldwin Senator by macleme - Another one for the good guys (and gals)!

[Sen-Var] Chris Murphy (D) Wins CT Senate Race, Bob Casey Wins PA, Gillabrand NY, Sherrod Brown Wins OH by HoundDog - Diarist has the results of several senate races.

[Sen-Var] Progressives Just Won in Senate - Mainstream Media Hardly Notices by RandomNonviolence - A look at the winners and losers and what they represent.


[CA-36] CA-36 Ruiz Flips Bono Mack by BlueBeaumontBoyz - With 100% of precincts reporting, Dr. Raul Ruiz (D) bested Mary Bono Mack (R), flipping a seat to the Democrats.

[CA-36] CA36 Ruiz now leads Bono Mack by BlueBeaumontBoyz - Dr. Raul Ruiz (D), Eisenhower Medical Center physician and Coachella Valley native, now leads Mary Bono Mack (R) 51.2% to 48.8% with 57.4% of precincts partially reporting.

[CA-49] CA-49: Attention all Progressives and Jerry Tetalman Supporters! by pipsorcle - A must-read on what motivated the diarist to get involved and start promoting the Tetalman campaign here on DKos.

[FL-09] Congratulations to Former and Future Congressman Alan Grayson Who Wins Re-election in Florida by HoundDog - Our own former and future Congressman Alan Grayson won what might be the biggest "comeback kid" victory ever in Florida's 9th district last night.

[FL-18] Allen West not going down easy by Melquiades - The disgraceful Florida Tea Party congressman lost in a tight race to Democrat Patrick Murphy last night, but this morning he released a statement refusing to concede.

[FL-18] Allen West loses ugly by Lefty Coaster - Teapublican Allen West plumbed the gutter to new depths in the meanest, nastiest race in this election cycle. He lost.

[KY-06] KY Voting (6th district) by akincer - No, we aren't on the map for being a presidential swing state, but I happen to live in Ben Chandler's district. Reports are coming in across our county of heavy turnout. The poll workers said turnout was huge and my precinct is typically not high in turnout. They also said of note were the many young people they don't normally see.

[MN-06] ATTENTION! Michelle Bachmann is in trouble! by willynel - Diary reporting the exact moment when Jim Graves (D) began to pull up on Michelle Bachmann (R-TeaLoon).

[MN-08] MN-08 Rick Nolan (DFL) vs. Cravaack (New Hampshire/Bakken Fields) liveblog by ImpeccableLiberalCredentials  - "I'll begin to post soon after the polls close..."

[NE-02] UP#4 UP#5 From NE CD2 Its LIVE Election Night Results by cherie clark - Diarist is reporting from Nebraska 02 district with results & pictures.

[UT-04] UT-4: Jim Matheson Retains Seat over Mia Love by AverySLC - Report of the winning call for Jim Matheson (D-Blue Dog) over GOP heartthrob Mia Love in Utah's 4th district.

[WA-01] DelBene wins WA-01, Darcy Burner's goal by UncleDavid - Diarist reports in that Darcy Burner (D) lost her bid for election in the new first district. Suzan DelBene (D) won instead, which is fine.

[WI-01] Rob Zerban vs Paul Ryan: Two for Tuesday? by Quicklund - Diarist has a post up on the Wisconsin 01 district between incumbent Paul Ryan (R) & Rob Zerban (D).


[CA-State] Major shift in power: California legislature may go 2/3 Dem by Simplify - In a potential major shift in power after yesterday's vote, both the state Senate and Assembly of California are likely to have 2/3 Democratic supermajorities.

[IA-St.Sen Var] Iowa State Senate Races by punkrazz - The control of Iowa's state senate will determine whether Republican Governor Terry Branstad will be able to launch an assault on collective bargaining rights in the state ala Wisconsin. It will also determine whether Iowa will be able to maintain marriage equality. Prior to the election, Democrats held a slender 26 to 24 majority. Half of the 50 seats are up for this election. Follow beyond the squiggle to see a breakdown of the race...

[ME-StSen 25] Kossack Colleen Lachowicz, attacked for playing Warcraft WINS! by Grassroots Mom - Democratic State Senate candidate Colleen Lachowicz, who gained national attention when her opponent criticized her online gaming hobby, has defeated her Republican opponent.

[MI-St. House] Michigan State House Viewing Guide by slacks - Diarist prognosticates on various Michigan State House races.

[NY-StHouse 18] My NYS District OUSTS Tea Party Rep! by francny - Tea Party belle Nan Hayworth is out, Sean Patrick Maloney (D) will take her place.

Ballot Initiatives:

[CA-Ballot Initiatives] CA Ballot Measures - Looking Good on Most Fronts by Troubadour - Diarist reports the percentages as of this morning for the ten propositions on the California ballot.

[FL-Amendments] Florida Constitutional Amendments by vexed weasel - Diarist gives the numbers on the constitutional amendments in Florida, as they stood just before 1am.

[MN-Amendments] Another important election result in Minnesota by vome minnesota - The good news is that Minnesota has at least two years' respite from another attempt at constitutionally sanctioned voter suppression and discrimination.


[AZ-Var] Baja Arizona Kossacks Results Liveblog by Azazello - Diarist is covering Arizona with a liveblog.

[CA-Var] CA: Dems have supermajority in both state houses by Neko608 - Adjustments will finally be made to the tax code. Props 30 passed too, prop 32 did not.

[CA-Var] HUGE NEWS: Supermajority in california. The budget fix is IN. by daeros - The GOP has a greedy ideology and in california voters soundly rejected them by electing a veto-proof majority in both houses of the state legislature.

[IL-Var] Illinois Round-up by tcdup - A short round-up of some of what happened in Illinois in both chambers of the state legislature to give Democrats veto-proof majorities.

[MI-Var] GREAT News from Michigan!! (with videos) by Brainwrap - A list of the various wins down-ticket in Michigan last night, w/videos.

[Var-Education] some education related electoral good news from last night by teacherken - Education policies gained good ground in Indiana, Colorado and California. Diarist gives details.

[WA-Var] Good news in Washington State by ethanwa - Report on the good election news from Washington state per Senate, House, Governor, the gay marriage initiative, marijuana initiative and state races.


And now, let's check the numbers for the "Re-Defining Rape" slate: by Oliver Tiger - Heh. The drubbing that the 'Rape Slate' of Republicans so richly deserved, reported with percentages.

Architect of 2000 FELON PURGE DRAFTED Florida's 2012 Voter Suppresion Efforts. What a GOP RAT! by War on Error - Diarist uses Florida's suppression efforts as an example as to why they feel Congress needs to act to curtail GOP suppression efforts.

Big problems-in-Philadelphia by njhoo - Diarist shares examples of suppressive acts witnessed in PA and makes a good point: Even when we win.. we need to fix the system!

Black Kos, Tuesday's Chile: Election day special. Vote! by Black Kos - An independent analysis of the list of names challenged by Tampa Vote Fair’s Kimberly Kelley reveals the list is 40 percent black, which compares to 15 percent of registered voters who are black.

Christian Right Election Violations in Pittsburgh by Frederick Clarkson - My colleague Rachel Tabachnick has documented a flagrant example of Christian right electioneering at Pittsburgh polling place, and asked me to post this for her here.

City Paper: Many Philadelphians must vote provisionally after names don't appear on voter rolls by Meteor Blades - Many registered voters in Philly are showing up at the polls only to discover their names are not listed on the rolls even though they have voter-registration cards. Poll workers are giving them provisional ballots. These won't be counted for as long as a week after the election.

Even dying is not enough to stop this man from voting by MasterKey - The story of the hands-down most conscientious voter.

Latino Turnout of 10% of Total Voters - Up From 7.45 in 2008 by HoundDog - Elise Foley reports the first wave of exit polls show Latino voters are making up 10% of the overall electorate, a new record, and up from 7.4% in 2008 according to Exit Polls: Latino Voter Turnout Up.

FL - Election Day Phone Banking by Ricochet67 - This diarist took the day off from work to phone bank and shares the experience.

Freedom is On the March! The People in 2 States Legalize Marijuana! by xxdr zombiexx - Voters in Colorado, Massachusetts, and Washington state approved measures legalizing marijuana.

Howard Dean finally says it, Only Way Obama Loses Is Voter Surppresion by jjray - Howard Dean is refreshingly honest.  It's a trait that is necessarily useful on the campaign trail though...

It's a mess in Hillsborough County Florida by beach babe in fl - Election problems in Hillsborough County.

LGBT: Lovely. Glad. Bold. TRIUMPHANT! by ElsieElsie - Detailed look at what happened last night in favor of LGBT civil rights across the country.

Live Photo Blogging the Election #2 by bsegel - Photos from around the Internet showing democracy in action.

My Ballot Won't be Counted Today, There's a Problem With My Signature by rrose - The elections office said they would send a letter requesting a new signature. Once the update was on file, they will be able to match that signature to the one on the ballot, and the ballot will be counted. But in the meantime, it's the contested ballot bin for this diarist.

Ohio Voting Gone Wild Part 3 by djrobertjohnson - Some Ohio voters were sent absentee ballots by the state without ever requesting them. When you receive an absentee ballot your name goes on the roll as you already voted so your only recourse is to cast a provisional.

Poll runs out of ballots in MI by palebluedot13 - The 28th precinct opened up at 7:00 am this morning to a line of people. Things were going fine till about the 50th voter at 7:45. Then poll workers informed people that they were out of ballots.  People were finally allowed to vote again just before 10:00 am when more ballots arrived.

Take those tired memes and shove 'em by Denise Oliver Velez - Revisiting the meme stream from a reality-biased viewpoint.

The bittersweet letting go of my son as my canvassing buddy by bkamr - Diarist writes a personal GOTV post for her son ! A must read !

The Bulldog of Damocles by MouseThatRoared - Democrats should use this lame duck session to get some serious legislation done by using the threat of Harry Reid changing the rules by doing away with the filibuster as soon as the new Senate is sworn in.

Unofficial: Maine Votes For Marriage Equality by commonmass - Congratulations to fellow Mainers and citizens all. Victories for civil rights are victories for everyone.

US House Race Ratings Comparison - Who Do You Agree With? (With free Polling Ready Reckoner by CF of Aus - Diarist did a very in depth analysis, with detailed charts, of why they felt Republicans would still be the majority in the House.

Voting drama in CA-So mad I could spit nails!!! by ArtemisBSG - Diarist's name was missing from the poll list and had to vote provisional ballot.  Interestingly, the poll worker said the same thing happened to him that morning and it's no biggee.

* A big THANKS! to all our dedicated EDR volunteers (in alphabetical order): Alma, eeff, Joieau, nomandates, Oke, randallt, restondem, Spedwybabs, Sylv, TruthOfAngels and turbonerd.

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Originally posted to Daily Kos Elections on Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 03:00 PM PST.

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