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  •  Not quite (8+ / 0-)

    The Republican caucus in the House is divided into three branches right now. Note moderate is not one of these - there is no Republican equivalent of Blue Dogs as far as I know.

    1).  Mainstream Conservative Republicans

    2).  Republicans who claim they are tea partiers but are really just worried about primary challenges. These guys and galls have to appear super conservative, but they won't derail the leadership.

    3). Real true believer tea party types

    It's the first two that Boehner has to worry about, and they comprise the majority of the Republican caucus. The first one provides the support with Democrats necessary to pass legislation, and the second category allows Boehner to continue as Speaker despite the fact the vote against most legislation.

    Those first two categories, which comprise around 160-170 House Republicans in total, are probably more important than either the Dems or the Tea Partiers.

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